2022 Summer Camp Registration

General Information

We are extremely excited to launch our summer camp registration for the summer of 2022! We are grateful for the families we have served in the past several summers of hosting our half-day horse camps. These camps have allowed us to confirm our passion for engaging youth in a broad range of fun and educational activities as well as deep character-building opportunities. This has culminated in the desire to invest heavily in creating a robust year-round program mix for fulfilling this mission of training the next generation. This starts this summer with our first ever full day camp along with our newly organized group horse riding lessons. This summer we are expanding to offer a full 8 weeks of summer fun for your child with a few different options for enrollment. Please review the information below prior to filling out the online registration form.

Pricing & Options

We are offering three specific options for this summer as follows. Please be sure to see the “Discounts Available” section below for discounts that are available.

The age range eligible for enrollment is Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Full Day Camp – $275/week This option is an 8:30am-3:30pm jam-packed day that includes activities such as arts and crafts, sports and group games as well as farm-life and specific vocational experiences such as woodworking, gardening, cooking, etc. This full day camp option requires drop-off at the Sea Road Church (140 Sea Road, Kennebunk, ME, 04043) campus and transportation to Living Wells will be provided based on our regular program schedule. This option is available by specific weeks while space lasts. See discount info below for potential discounts.

Riding Lesson Horse Camp$195/week This option is a three-day camp to be held from 8:30am-12:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each of the eight weeks of summer. For those that have experienced LWF past summer camps, this will be very similar to that format. This option will require drop-off at Living Wells Farm (282 Allen Road, Wells, ME 04090) on the days in which you choose this program. You can choose specific weeks for enrollment while space lasts. See discount info below for potential discounts.

Hybrid Option – $420/week* This option allows you to choose both the Full Day Camp and the Riding Lesson Horse Camp within the same week. A discount of $50 per child will be given if this option is chosen on any given week. This will allow your child to be involved in the Horse camp and riding lesson and then jump back to the full day camp program immediately after. This option would require drop-off at Living Wells Farm on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of horse camp. This option is available by specific weeks while space lasts.

*($275 Full Day Camp +$195 Riding Lesson Horse Camp less $50 = $420/week)

Discounts Available

Full Summer Discount – For those that choose the full eight weeks of day camp you will receive one week free per child – $275 discount.

Multi-Child Discount – For those with more than one child, you will receive a discount of $25 per child off the full day camp weekly price.

Hybrid Option Discount – Included in the pricing above, there is a $50 discount per child per week for those that choose the full day camp and the Horse camp option on any given week bringing the price for the week to $420.

Payment Options

We offer three payment plan options listed below. One registration is complete one of our administrative team members will be in touch to coordinate your payment plan and payment options.

One Full Payment due by June 1st

Three equal payments April 15, May15 and June 15

Weekly payments through week of June 20th

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