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Our Story

Living Wells Farm Equine-Assisted Services is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of children and adults, including those with physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges, through equine-assisted services. Under the ownership and management of the Hoffman and Curley families, Living Wells Farm (LWF) has been in existence providing equine services to the community since 2015. Over the years, LWF has consistently provided riding lessons, trail rides, children’s summer day camps, horse boarding and leasing to the surrounding community. On occasion, the farm has also partnered with area schools and Veterans organizations to provide equine-assisted services to individuals in need.

In March of 2021, Bob Hoffman, one of the owners of LWF, suffered a massive ruptured aneurysm in his frontal lobe, resulting in two strokes. At 49 years old, Bob is now on disability due to his traumatic brain injury. This brought the need for supporting people with disabilities, trauma, or grief close to home, and prompted LWF to consider making this part of their mission.

Equine Assisted Services (EAS) is an innovative, experiential approach to mental health treatment. Through horse based activities, clients gain confidence, build trust, and form healthy boundaries. Learning how to work with and take care of a horse also fosters empathy and developing authentic connections. For non-verbal clients, working with horses allows them to address emotions and issues through direct experience. The learning center at LWF offers adaptive horsemanship, equine assisted learning, and equine assisted services for veterans alongside our able-bodied riding program and summer camp. Our facility will be open to incorporating therapy professionals for counseling, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psycho-therapy, and speech-language pathology.

LWF-EAS is committed to the following goals:

  • Providing a natural, restorative environment focused on the individualized mental, emotional, and physical needs of each client.
  • Providing short and long term support for clients through relationship based, comprehensive programs.
  • Promoting an environment of respect, dignity, kindness, and compassion.
  • Offering programs beyond traditional therapy to promote rewarding experiences and healing.


Who We Serve

LWFEAS is offered to the public throughout Southern Maine. We serve individuals with special needs, public and private school groups, families, team building for employers, veterans organizations, and outpatient rehabilitation programs. Research suggests that equine assisted services can be effective in reducing symptoms of various mental health conditions, improving emotional regulation, and increasing overall well-being. Additionally, working with horses can provide individuals with a sense of purpose and connection to nature, which can be beneficial for mental and emotional health.

Our programs serve people with (but not limited to):

Autism Spectrum DisordersADD/ADHDMood disorders
CancersBipolar Disorder Developmental Delay
Brain/Head InjuryCystic FibrosisCardiovascular Event
Down SyndromeDiabetesEating Disorders
EpilepsyStrokeMultiple Sclerosis
Domestic Violence SurvivorsGenetic DisordersTourette Syndrome
AmputationsLanguage DisabilitiesLearning Disabilities
Anxiety DisordersVision/Hearing ImpairmentTrauma Survivors


Our Team of Co-Founders

  • Gretchen Estes, Counselor, MEd, LCMHC, PLLC, Volunteer Coordinator, Treatment Strategist
  • Kenzie Foss, Program Manager, PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Instructor
  • Amanda Hoffman, Executive Director
  • Cat Curley, Director of Operations
  • Peter Estes, Board Chair
  • Chris Curley, Director of Marketing and Development


Our Instructors

We are thrilled to share more about our incredible staff of certified trainers and instructors.

Cailey Archer

Cailey Archer, is a lover and learner of horses. She has been instructing riding for 11 years, and began competing in hunt seat equitation through IEA in high school. Since then, Cailey pursued her passion and equine education by attending UNH where she has been a 4-year member of the IHSA team, and an AEL national champion. She received her PATH Int. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor credential in the fall of 2021, and spent her previous summers working at a non-profit riding center in southern Tennessee. One of her favorite aspects of working with horses and people is seeing how much growth occurs when people trust in their partnership with their horse. In her free time, you can find her riding, reading, writing, or running! Cailey is so thrilled to be a member of the team here at Living Wells Farm as we expand our activities to include therapeutic Equine Assisted Services.

Kenzie Foss

Kenzie Foss graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a major in Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT). She has ridden with Living Wells Farm for seven years. While in high school she volunteered at a therapeutic riding center and her heart fell in love with the happiness and excitement the horses brought to the riders of all ages and abilities. Kenzie decided to dedicate her time to study EAAT at UNH where she worked towards achieving her Profession Association of Therapeutic Riding (PATH) Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor certification. Kenzie interned alongside outstanding instructors and continues to further her education to better understand horses and her rider’s needs. Kenzie has also achieved her Certified Horsemanship Association Equine Facility Manager level two certificate demonstrating professional knowledge on horse care and handling.

Katarina Hoffman

Katarina Hoffman is one of our junior trainers. She has been riding since she was 5 years old, and is now going into her senior year of high school. Katarina has two horses of her own; one very naughty pony and an OTTB mare. Let’s just say she likes a challenge! Katarina has shown in the MeHJA circuit and most recently in the NEJA circuit. What she really enjoys is spontaneous adventures, riding bareback and bitless, and skijoring. Katarina also plays volleyball at WHS, is a member of the National Honor Society, a member of Anchored Acapella, and enjoys weightlifting. She is currently looking at colleges, and hopes to have a career in neurology research or forensics.


Meet Our Horses

We love ’em … come meet ’em!!

King is a 13 year old, 14.2 paint that is retired from the Jumper circuit. His claim to fame on the farm is jumping over every fence in the paddock on the day he arrived. King is very sweet and gentle, but very smart. He loves flat work and trail rides now, and loves all the attention from his fans.

“Detective Charlie” is a 15 year old Appaloosa gelding, who originally came to us for some training before taking a job as a police horse. It turns out that Charlie has an incredible sense of humor and is quite a jumper! He was much more suited to hanging around our farm to win some blue ribbons and keep us laughing.

Raven is one of our newest additions to LWF. He is a cute little bay Morgan that loves attention. He is so sweet and quiet, and is a perfect friend for beginner equestrians. Raven is a part of our therapeutic program, and loves to stand for grooming and treats.

Sandy, show name “Fields of Gold,” is a stocky, sassy, Halflinger mare. She is worth her weight in gold as a crowd favorite at the farm. Sandy’s sass is unparalleled, and she’s very vocal when ridden. She’s quite athletic when she wants to be, despite her size. Sandy enjoys long walks through our wooded trails followed by a sunset picnic.

Nova, show name “Swan Song,” is an adopted racehorse owned by Katarina Hoffman, our junior trainer. Nova is an 8 year old bay mare that has given Katarina quite the “rehabilitation” experience. She came to us as a gangly two year old fresh off the track, with all the trust issues that you’d expect from an off track mare. She is not part of the lesson program, but does love attention from visitors to her paddock.

Desert Ruler (Desi) is an 18yo bay OTTB. She has a kind eye and loves attention. Desi is very forward, and can hustle around the hunter jumper arena. She’s floaty and graceful, but can also enjoy a good hack on the trails. Her very best friend is Coco.

Coco Chanel was made for the show ring. She is a 16yo chestnut Appendix mare, but don’t let her common appearance fool you. Coco is dependable, athletic, and flashy in the ring. If a blue ribbon is what you’re after, Coco is your girl. Coco is also our boss mare, and makes sure everyone knows it. She and Desi have been best friends for years, and they are always side by side in the paddock.

HatTrick the Wonder Pony has been with LWF since the beginning. He is a 17yo Arab mix with plenty of personality. HatTrick is the classic “free pony” story, of a stubborn troublemaker turned show pony. We all have stories of HatTrick escaping, pulling us into the feed room, dragging us across a posture in search of the perfect blade of grass. Let’s just say he’s very food motivated. But HatTrick catches your eye in the show ring, even though he’s just a common pony. He is a farm favorite for sure.

Folkglorica (Flor), our oldest mare at 25, has had quite a life. She competed with her owner for years in Florida, and was one of the smoothest, most athletic jumpers we’ve seen. Even in old age, Flor is ready to work and willing to please. She is a favorite to walk and groom, as she has such nice manners and loves attention. Flor is a classic “Momma” mare, always concerned about her friends, and the first one out of the barn in the morning.

Jack is Mr. Dependable. He is 24, and has been with LWF for 7 years. Stocky and tall, he is a quarter horse that is unphased by any situation. He is known for being the lead trail horse, happy to bushwhack, and seek adventure. Jack is quiet, steady, and strong.

Zephyr is our 3 year old English Shepherd, a true farm dog. Zephyr can often be found swimming in puddles or running the tracks he has made for himself. He is very invested in work at the farm and will be the first one out in the morning and the last one in at night.

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