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Horse Leader/Walker

Horse leaders assist riders in therapeutic riding lessons and other equine-assisted activities where the horse needs to be handled. Horse leaders are trained to safely and properly retrieve horses from the paddocks before lessons, groom and tack them in their designated equipment, lead them through the lesson, and then return them to the paddock. Horse leaders are cognizant of their horse’s demeanor and focus on the horse during the lesson, not the rider. Horse leaders are encouraged to have had previous horse experience, however those who don’t are trained by certified professionals at volunteer orientations.


Sidewalkers assist riders in therapeutic riding lessons by walking alongside the rider and providing adequate support to the rider. Support is unique to each individual. Support can be physical, helping with rider balance; sight seeing for people with visual impairments; reinforcers for people with hearing impairments; or emotional spotters there to boost confidence. Sidewalkers will also be required to assist in retrieval and preparation of horses. Sidewalkers are trained at required volunteer orientations before assisting in lessons.

Stable Hand

Stable hand volunteers are for volunteers that are interested in barn work. Responsibilities include, cleaning stalls, picking paddocks, tidying up the barn, helping with feeds, watering and working as a team. Stable hand volunteers must be able to lift 50lbs, and work on their feet on rough terrain. Stable hand volunteers are trained at required volunteer orientations.

School Community Service Fulfillment

High school students with community service requirements are welcome to volunteer at LWFEAS! We ask that students are at least 15 years old and attend a required orientation.

Administrative Volunteer

Administrative volunteer is a position for those who might, or might not have an interest in working with horses, but like the office and business upkeep.

Fundraising Volunteer

For volunteers who have experience in fundraising and are willing to volunteer their skills and time to create a fundraiser or event of any size, to benefit LWFEAS.

Maintenance & Repair

  • For volunteers who are familiar with property maintenance and repairs. Maintenance volunteers may find joy building turnout sheds, repairing fences, mowing and hedging fields, repairing other farm equipment and more. There is always something to do on the farm. We will be sure to find a project for you to put the tools and your skills to work.
  • Boy scout groups looking to fulfill badge requirements.
  • Disability Awareness Merit Badge

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